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 Red Clover in Hay - Problem for IR Saddlebred?

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 Posted On: Dec 31 2008  At: 12:06:26 PM

Hi guys, this is the first time I've posted in this forum. Can't wait to follow the Saddlebred Rescue stories.

Since some Saddlebreds tend to have IR (insulin resistance) I was hoping someone might have some input for a problem I'm having.

I moved Cody in August to a great facility that's nearer my home. It's been wonderful as the manager is super helpful with helping me manage his IR. (soaking hay, etc.) He has chronic laminitis but has been ridden and felt ok for the past year. We noticed him starting to get stiff (better off and on at times) in October. Looking back, I really think this coincided with a change in hay (but the weather has been super weird also). (FYI, we are soaking the hay and following he EQUINECUSHINGS yahoo group protocol for supplements for IR, his feed is 11% NSC, he is also on .75 mg pergolide). Last night I was dissecting the hay (Orchard Grass, NO alfalfa) and noticed a large amount of red clover. While this normally isn't a problem for a normal horse I'm wondering if anyone has noticed problems with their saddlebreds such as stiffness or abnormal sweating. Any thoughts would be appreciated. This guy is only 14 and feels older than the 26 year old in the same barn.



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 Posted On: Jan 13 2009  At: 4:19:16 PM | Reply Link

I searched around on the internet but could not find anything about hay with red clover being bad for for an IR horse. I am no expert on hay and nutrition but I have noticed my two horses prefer red clover hay over grass hay (they like alfalfa even better!!!) so that tells me the grass hay is less rich than the other two types of hay. Maybe you could try giving your horse a good grass hay and see if he improves. Sorry I could not be of more help. Please let us know and welcome to the forum.

PS...our blacksmith is considered the best in our area and is very knowledgeable about horse nutrition. I will get his opinion when he trims our horses in about two weeks.

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 Posted On: Jan 14 2009  At: 09:57:18 AM | Reply Link

I did the same search and found nothing. I think red clover hay gets a bad rap sometimes, as quite frequently it is baled with the red clover not dry enough. It does take the clover longer to dry than other grasses and plants found in hay, and if it is not totally dry it can make the hay go musty or moldy really fast.

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 Posted On: Jan 15 2009  At: 09:04:45 AM | Reply Link

You could try going to and submitting your question. They print a question in each online issue, and have experts answer it.

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